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Consent for Electronic Signatures, Records, Disclosures, Communication

Befor you submit any details on our website or do any electronic business with us, it is essential that you read and understand the information herein.

By accepting the E-Consent you give us the consent on the terms stated on our website and entering your information via our online form, you acknowledge that you have read and understand this notice about how you can conduct transactions, communicate electronically and use the services on our website, request to find a lender and to be matched and further cooperate with online load providers. Once we find a lender matching your requirements and your information, you are required to provide your consent(e-consent) to use e-signatures, accept electronic recording, disclosures and e-communication so that we can provide the product and services in which you have shown interest.

Hard Copies

A request can be made by you for the records to print disclosures and other legal notices at no charge. Concerning lender should be contacted directly for such requests (entities can keep hard copy legal documents according to the terms and provisions of the applicable law).

The Scopes of Consent

Electronic interaction are all communications, including but not limited to online interactions via mobile phone, smart phone, tablets. When e-communication takes place between you and a third party lender including by the means stated above E-consent is applicable .E-consent application implies that documents may be signed and stored electronically, your information may be collected and processed electronically and transactions may be performed electronically. Apart from that, your assigned lender may send you electronic notifications, like reports, disclosures, links to the other third party websites, links to the other lender’s websites and online services.

By giving e-consent you acknowledge that the e-communication mentioned above and the communication by means of hard copy documentation are considered legally equally valueable.

NB: All the parties that are involved in conducting business electronically implies that they are able to go through processing with sufficient hardware and software facilities. You should check that your facilities fit the requirements for the transactions and operations that you will be performing electronically before giving your e-consent. Basic software and hardware requirements are mentioned below:

Software and hardware: A PC or MAC compatible computer or other device capable of accessing the Internet, e-mail account, Internet Browser software program that supports at least 128 bit encryption, such as Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Netscape® or Mozilla Firefox®, PDF file reader like Adobe® Acrobat Reader X ® or Foxit® etc. Additional facilities may be required for different transactions. To get specifications on the facilities you may need please contact your lender.

Withdrawing Consent

You cannot withdraw your e-consent from our matching service and the processing of your information by our lenders as it a one time transaction. You can withdraw your consent from the lender at any time at no charge by sending the respective request from the moment you are already matched with a third party lender. Withdrawing your e-consent might leads to the situation where the lender can change his decision about loan offer or credit product that he might be providing you earlier. In case you request to withdraw your e-consent the legal effectiveness, validity, and enforceability of prior electronic disclosures will not be affected. Please contact your lender directly if you wish to find out more details of these procedures. You should update your informtion with the lender as soon as possible if you change your information(electroic address, mailing address)

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